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Category Archives: Recipe finds too disturbing to make

Recipes I find entertaining and funny but extremely unappetizing

Meat Drinks

I’ll take the tequila shrimp martini please.


Disturbing vintage BBQ ,Picnic & Appies(caution to those with sensitive gag reflexes)


This is a 1963 copy of a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook I found at the thrift store. Note the bacon wrapped corn and ….what is that on the barbi!??? Lets take a closer look..


 Oh my…I think it is a big ole chub of balogne dripping in sauce…getting all puffy…mmmmmm.

How about this beauty 026.jpg A lovely Tuna Mousse full of cream, tuna, celery, olives, onion juice, horse radish, cucumber all incased in gelatine…mmmm…love it!

Here is a “Swank Porterhouse Steak”stuffed with onions & garlic with a mushroom butter sauce on top. 

029.jpgNow there is a killer steak!

Now these two dishes are from another Better Homes & Gardens book from 1953

First , a “Liver sausage Pineapple”basically liver sausage mixed with a few other spices moulded around a jar and glazes with a gelatine /mayonaise mixture….it has a real pineapple top. Now… I kinda like liver sausage but It seems a little overhandled or something…or just plain over the top. I mean if you want to be creative try clay.


This second dish is some kind of “Crown Roast of Spam”Not much I have to say…it kind of speaks for its self. What gets me is the combination of pineapple & asparagus on the same plate???