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Disturbing vintage BBQ ,Picnic & Appies(caution to those with sensitive gag reflexes)


This is a 1963 copy of a Better Homes & Gardens cookbook I found at the thrift store. Note the bacon wrapped corn and ….what is that on the barbi!??? Lets take a closer look..


 Oh my…I think it is a big ole chub of balogne dripping in sauce…getting all puffy…mmmmmm.

How about this beauty 026.jpg A lovely Tuna Mousse full of cream, tuna, celery, olives, onion juice, horse radish, cucumber all incased in gelatine…mmmm…love it!

Here is a “Swank Porterhouse Steak”stuffed with onions & garlic with a mushroom butter sauce on top. 

029.jpgNow there is a killer steak!

Now these two dishes are from another Better Homes & Gardens book from 1953

First , a “Liver sausage Pineapple”basically liver sausage mixed with a few other spices moulded around a jar and glazes with a gelatine /mayonaise mixture….it has a real pineapple top. Now… I kinda like liver sausage but It seems a little overhandled or something…or just plain over the top. I mean if you want to be creative try clay.


This second dish is some kind of “Crown Roast of Spam”Not much I have to say…it kind of speaks for its self. What gets me is the combination of pineapple & asparagus on the same plate???



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Mother of 2. A beautiful 3 year old girl, my little 1 year old boy and my partner in life John. We live here in the beautiful East Kootenays.

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  1. EWWW!
    I have a bunch of Better Homes and Gardens books from this era, but not this one. They’re a great source for vomit-inducing recipes…have you encountered “Perfection Salad?” It’s shredded carrots encased in an aspic and topped with olives. BLECCH!

  2. Great affair, did not thought reading this would be so stunning when I read the link!

  3. This is just too much! What were these people thinking? Most cook books from the 60’s & 70’s produced some of the most foul looking food I’ve ever seen! What a waste…


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